About the Project

What is Wayrto?

Wayrto (“Where to?” but also “Where TO?”) positions itself as Toronto’s new reference repository of the city’s many and rich sights. Not your typical tourist guide with opening hours, admission prices and the likes, Wayrto seeks first and foremost to stimulate the curiosity and desire of guests and locals alike to explore and (re)discover Ontario’s capital both on and out of the beaten path. With that in mind, the website’s content can be browsed at home or on the the go in any one of two ways: either via an interactive map or though a blog feed and related archive.

Looking for convenience on the go whether strolling or headed somewhere? We’ve got you covered, turn on the map and geolocate your device to find out about your surroundings. It has never been easier to punctuate your wanders with a couple stopovers in unchartered territory. Not in the mood to step outside? That’s fine too, you can peruse our latest additions from the comfort of your home in our blog section or consult the archive. Each inventoried sight is accompanied with a brief narrative and some media content (pictures and/or videos) providing you with some level of context so as to fully appreciate it. Most of our articles also include external links to in-depth resources because we know how hard it can get to quench that thirst for knowledge. Wayrto was designed to be as interactive as possible with information easily accessible; to that extent maps are available on most pages identifying similar places or places in the vicinity.

Why Wayrto?

The website was started by an avid walker and Toronto resident looking to step out of his routine walks in over-explored areas and discover or rediscover some of the city’s most beautiful landmarks. Passionate about heritage structures and their related history, he found it difficult to identify points of interest with the resources available online, either scattered through the web, cluttered with commercial information or restricted to the most popular sights. Wayrto was and will be built to bridge that gap.

How can you help?

Wayrto is by no means comprehensive and is a forever work-in-progress. I will add new sights as my schedule permits but also as I stumble upon/hear about buildings, graffiti murals, ravines etc. If the places your treasure most are not exhibited on Wayrto, I most likely have not explored them yet or have not had a change to write about them; eitherway, feel free to contact me and share the relevant details.